Think different.
Make different.

Our target is to show how great imagination can be for such an old game. Every system has a well-thought-out idea to influence players in a good way, harmonizing the gameplay.

Check out what we’ve done so far.

Latest Products

3D Effects and Costumes Bundle v1

A bundle of 4 systems with:
3x Animated Weapons
2x Costumes
3x Chests
and more

Client Login Design

Three versions which include:
-Fast and Easy implementation
-Support for 40k and up ServerFiles
-PSD inside to redesign at your wish
-New Sound Effects

Quests & Quest Designs

-Quest Designs
-New Letters Designs
-Complex Quest scripts

Have Any Questions?

Your interest is our interest, and we’re waiting to discuss anything you have in mind. Don’t Hesitate!