Our Story

Revenge Arena is a Community in the making, with only two Developers and great ideas for a big Project.

As we have years of experience such as: old metin2 projects [Luna (2016) & Bro (2018)] and in general mmorpg and coding, we would like to create a new GamePlay style for Metin2. 

Selling the actual Serverfiles is only to fund our project, and the first step to the Mission.

Every step will be announced in the Discord Server and Two Test Sections will be available:

Alpha with testers & Beta with open doors before the grand opening.

Our Mission

Creating a great community with quality based content

New Metin2 GamePlay Style


Selling our first Metin2 ServerFile is the First step we need to make in order to Fund the Project, as we need time and money to create new features.

Project Community Events - Marketing

Artwork Contests, Youtube Montages, Discord Challanges and WorldWide internet Adds will be our way to fullfill our Mission's very first steps


Every donation and every discord invitation will be honored with great rewards when the server launches.

Special Discord roles will be assigned to highlight your support.

Customer Satisfaction

Every suggestion will be processed and with high chances of it getting implemented with Community Pool Votes

Server Testers will be needed with only few slots available
Join our Discord to find out more!


Support Us - Funds

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