[GOLD Plan] ServerFiles 1st Edition


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Revenge Arena ServerFille 1st Edition (No Source Included)

IonutCMS Website (!! No itemshop included anymore. If you’re looking for a great ItemShop, you have free and premium version on https://metin2cms.cf/ )

Martysama Premium Cryptor/Decriptor (Last update: late 2020)

Basic Info:

  • Dual Language Client & Server: English & Romanian
  • Gaya & Yang Currency
  • Inventory Lock with PassCode & Item Stack
  • 4 Inventory Pages
  • 6 STONES on Weapon & Armor
  • Extended Portable Warehouse
  • Dragon Stone Alchemy
  • Biologist Research Panel
  • New Dances / Pose Actions
  • Level 5 Skill Panel Pop-up
  • Channel Change Tab in Settings
  • Extra Game Options in Settings
  • Over 200 new mobs
  • New Maps
  • Vnum on items for GM
  • Semi Transparent while Invisible for GM


  • Costume Section for Clothes, Weapons, Effects for Weapon and Armor
  • Costume ON/OFF (Hide/Show) Toggle
  • Belts
  • Sash (all from official)
  • Mount like Horse
  • Mob Info (Stats, Drop)
  • Enhanced Pets
  • Player Titles in Real Time
  • Lucky Boxes
  • Chest Drop Info & Open multiple chests at once
  • Shop offline by Great with Koray Decorations like Retail (Official Server)
  • Shop Box for Shop Offline
  • Shop Search
  • Switchbot
  • Destroy Equipment
  • Enhanced Friends List
  • Maintenance


  • Event System Panel (you need to Enable them as they are disabled when you install your server):
  • Attendance Event
  • Jigsaw
  • OK Cards
  • Combat zone
  • OX
  • War Between Kingdoms
  • etc
[GOLD Plan] ServerFiles 1st Edition


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